The Truth About Pet Vaccines

Before Vaccinating, Always Ask:

Every single vaccine does not meet at least one of these criteria. One can rightly question why we vaccinate our pets annually, especially when there is no need and no valid precedent for it.

"A practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual vaccinations. Almost without exception there is no immunologic requirement for annual revaccination. Immunity to viruses persists for years or for the life of the animal. Successful vaccination to most bacterial pathogens produces an immunologic memory that remains for years....Furthermore, revaccination with most viral vaccines fails to stimulate an anamnestic [secondary] response as a result of interference by existing antibodies...." -Dr. Schultz and Dr. Phillips, Current Veterinary Therapy, volume 9. 1992.

Think about this the next time you get the reminder for your pet's rabies booster! For more information on overvaccination in pets and the harm vaccines can do, please peruse the following links. Some of these links also contain valuable information about HUMAN vaccines (and those links are well worth the read!). There is a good amount of information there, but should you wish to learn more, please join the Yahoo! Truth About Vaccines group and head over to the Truth About Vaccines webpage.

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